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Life is what YOU make it

“Life is what you make it.”

This is a quote many of us have heard countless times. Something that everyone can relate too since it is full of hope and admiration. A quote meaning you can do or be anything you want and that you have control over what happens in your life.

This is a very sexy idea. A notion that you can craft your life, be your worlds architect; design your own universe. But to many people, this quote is just that, an IDEA. My whole life I have wondered why so many people don’t reach their goals. Why so many people work a job that they hate, something that brings them no joy and do it simply for a paycheck. If this “Life is what you make it” fantasy were true wouldn’t everyone be working their dream job, living their dream life. Wouldn’t everyone have their dream house, dream car, dream spouse, dream life?

So what is it; why aren’t people making their life’s exactly what they want them to be if life is simply ‘What you make it’?

Well, people just don’t care enough. It is that simple. The notion that ‘Life is what you make it’ is true, but if you don’t care enough to put in the effort, to take the time to realize what it is you truly want you will never have the life that you’ve dreamed of.

In order to reach your goals and design your dream there will be a lot of struggle. A lot of failures. A lot of work. A lot of risk. These are the things that need to be embraced if you want to craft the life you want.

You can’t simply go into the job you hate day in and day out and expect your life to change dramatically. You are going to have to do something about it. So you hate your job, what are you doing right now to fix that?

Are you looking into new jobs you would love? Are you looking into starting your own business? Do you already have a business that you are doing on the side but are afraid to take the plunge and leave the security of your current heinous position? Life is what you make it, and if that is what you are doing you have no fucking chance to make it the life what you want it to be.

No fucking chance.

You are going to need to embrace the risk of not having a secure income stream… now am I telling you to quit your job, well… no, if you have dependents and a mortgage that would be a stupid decision. But if you don’t, what do you have to lose? The economy is good if anything turns south you will be able to find another job; if you stay where you are at now you will wonder the rest of your life what could have been. Now if you do have dependents or a mortgage then you need to hustle. When you get off from work you need to bust your ass at something you are passionate about until that something can be your job.

It sounds so cliche, but this life is way too short to be doing something you hate day in and day out for 40+ hours a week. WE live in a world with so much possibility, so much. Starting a business is easier and cheaper than ever. What is holding you back? Freaking do something and do it right now.

Life is what you make it, so you better make yours count.