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MVMT Watches Marketing

There are very few companies out there that I look at what they’re doing and think “Wow, these guys are good at digital.” But MVMT watches is one of those few companies.


To start with their website is ultra clean and user friendly; the kind of site that is effortless to navigate on both Mobile and Desktop. They use the same minimalist design they use in their watches on their website. Since it’s the Holiday season they offered a Holiday Gift guide for those who were looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, good stuff.

They also have a really clean blog with unique content from various influencers of their brand that showcases their watches then at the end of the posts showcases the featured watches from that particular blog. They also do a nice job of getting a users trust by showing they’ve been highlighted in Business Insider, The Chive, Entrepreneur along with others. (My guess is paid promotion but either way this builds trust in the buyer)

The website is good, but that is truly the tip of the iceberg. They could have had the prettiest website with the worlds greatest user experience but who gives a shit if you can’t capitalize on that. That’s like being the worlds greatest Golfer when your out with your friends but come tournament time you play like hot garbage; who cares.

MVMT has built an effective funnel to retarget and capture previous website visitors. I went onto their website and left to Facebook, within 5 seconds of being on Facebook I was hit with this after I just looked at their ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page –

Then I went on my way to read a Recode article and they display retargeted me with this on the Recode site –

This was a watch I had previously looked at, literally a minute before I went to the Recode article. ¬†They are going to continue to shove these ads down my throat until I convert. Then I jumped back into Facebook to ‘see what my friends were up to’ (this was all a test to see what MVMT would do), and this popped up –

facebook marketing product catalog retargeting

Since I added that exact watch to my cart on their site they instantly targeted me with an automated ad with an offer of a ‘Limited Edition Gift box’¬†(Ooooo, lucky me!) to increase the odds of me buying the watch. This is what the lower end of the funnel looks like for MVMT, incentive based ads as they pushed site visitors from the Top of the funnel (Think of the people that come in via Entrepreneur, The Chive, Search, etc as the Top of the Funnel) all the way down to the bottom where they consistently bombard you with ads and incentives till you cave and buy a watch from them.

They have done a masterful job on their website and an even more masterful job on the bottom half of the iceberg creating a backend marketing engine that works and makes money. So many companies focus so heavily on the front end look of their website, but what matters and makes money is the engine that brings targeted customers back to the website to buy your products. Repeat visitors are more prone to buy; repeat visitors that have already shown interest, a la adding an item to the cart, are WAY more prone to buy and you should be targeting them with your ads accordingly. Give them that ‘Limited Edition Gift Box’ that only costs you an extra $1 or so to make, it’ll be worth it.

There are very few things MVMT could still do to make their site more effective – maybe having a better exit intent strategy, but overall they’re winning at digital.