Everyone’s an Expert

Everyone’s an Expert

There is a major problem. As Trump would say “A YUUUUUGGE problem.” Everyone and their mother is an expert now at social media and digital marketing, even if they haven’t done any marketing before in their lives. ¬†‘They know what they’re talking about’ because they read a book or they listen to ‘so and so’ talk about it in their podcast every other day.

We live in a world that gets clouded more and more every day by the noise of “I know this” and the truth is a lot of the people that don’t know shit proclaim they know what they’re talking about. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 2 kinds of people in the digital marketing space – 1. Those that have kind of done it before, that weren’t that successful but read a few books and regurgitate what the books said. 2. Those that have actually done it and have been successful and only tell a little bit of their success story, how they made the magic happen, because they don’t want to teach other people how to do it unless they pay them (how it should be). Why giveaway the farm.

So what happens is these people that don’t truly know what they’re talking about get on a loudspeaker proclaiming they know what they’re doing and all of the people trying to learn listen to them because it’s free. Then those listening start spewing words (vanity metric-isms) that make them sound more knowledgeable, that they learned from the people that sort of know what they’re talking about. It’s a vicious cycle where BS on BS keeps flowing, causing way too many people to claim themselves to be ‘experts’ in some sense.

Word to the wise – If someone says the picture and the copy of an Ad/post is great or an Ad/post sucks, even if it does, and they don’t have data to prove it – ¬†feel free to tell them to F’off. Many times people will see an Ad with a ton of likes and engagement and just assume that the Ad is working, often times this is not the case. Sometimes the best Ads get the worst engagement but they trigger the right people to act, they actually cause an action that matters – a purchase! Now if it is a guy with a lot of experience telling you an Ad sucks, and they give you a reason that has data behind it – whether it be data they learned from previous Ads or neuroscience, then listen to them. But don’t be afraid to test your Ad because someone didn’t like it, learn for yourself if it sucks or not.

Digital is all about testing – what works for Peter may not for Paul. We need to test, test, then test some more and come to our own conclusions since everyone’s site is different. Your customers are different than my customers, a person that buys a $2000 purse and a person that buys a $40 purse are totally different people, therefore they should be talked too differently. Test until you figure out how to talk to YOUR customers.

Remember, Data > Ego. So, let’s all stop focusing on stupid shit.