Most digital marketing agencies have it allĀ wrong.

They put so much focus on cute designs, page views and vanity metrics such as Facebook page and post likes when all they should be doing is focusing on getting customers for you at a profitable rate.

Most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are incredibly design focused with the objective of doing something that is “Cool.” The stuff they do is cute, but good business isn’t cute, it’s efficient. Good businesses have a process that they follow to be successful, processes aren’t cute BUT they WORK. Period. That is what I focus on with digital marketing, the process.

The process is what I like to teach to my clients when I consult with them to make their digital strategies as efficient as they can make them. To help them create a marketing machine that gets them, customers. That makes their phone ring. That focuses on conversions, not page views or likes.

The scariest thing for most marketing agencies is actually having to prove what the ROI of their marketing is. That is what I like to give you the ability to do, for you to see if your ads are actually converting and how to make a profitable sales funnel.

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