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Setting up your Facebook Ads Manager

Often times when I talk with someone that is new to using Facebook ads they have their accounts columns set up incorrectly. Well, maybe not incorrectly, but they're simply using…
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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm for marketers (2018)

It seems that after this whole Cambridge Analytica situation Facebook is starting to be more transparent in regards to how their algorithm works. Which is good for both the users…
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Cialdinism #2 – The Rule of Reciprocation

This rule comes from Robert Cialdini's book, Influence. The Rule of Reciprocation says that we should try to repay those who have provided us with something. This can be utilized…
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People Act on Emotion and Justify with Logic

The human brain is separated into 2 parts - left and right; Logical and emotional. Think of all of the actions that can be caused by love or fear, happiness…
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Cialdinism #1

Recently I've really been getting into Robert CialdiniĀ thanks to Andrew, over at Mixergy. So I've decided to start doing "Cialdini-isms" because I've really come to enjoy his insights. You can…
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Everyone’s an Expert

There is a major problem. As Trump would say "A YUUUUUGGE problem." Everyone and their mother is an expert now at social media and digital marketing, even if they haven't…
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