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Setting up your Facebook Ads Manager

Often times when I talk with someone that is new to using Facebook ads they have their accounts columns set up incorrectly. Well, maybe not incorrectly, but they’re simply using the default “Performance” columns that are standard. In this video, I talk over why you shouldn’t use those columns and what columns you should be…
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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm for marketers (2018)

It seems that after this whole Cambridge Analytica situation Facebook is starting to be more transparent in regards to how their algorithm works. Which is good for both the users of the platform and all of us marketers. The better we understand how the algorithm works the better we can create ads that resonate with…
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Science of Persuasion

A useful video by Robert Cialdini on the Science of Persuasion:

Cialdinism #2 – The Rule of Reciprocation

This rule comes from Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence. The Rule of Reciprocation says that we should try to repay those who have provided us with something. This can be utilized to persuade someone into doing an act by giving them an item or gift. If someone sends us a birthday present, we should be sure…
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People Act on Emotion and Justify with Logic

The human brain is separated into 2 parts – left and right; Logical and emotional. Think of all of the actions that can be caused by love or fear, happiness or sadness, typically against ones better judgement. As a marketer you can convert on this while giving a person a logical reason to take an…
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Cialdinism #1

Recently I’ve really been getting into Robert Cialdini thanks to Andrew, over at Mixergy. So I’ve decided to start doing “Cialdini-isms” because I’ve really come to enjoy his insights. You can learn more about Mr. Cialdini here if you’re interested. Cialdinism #1 – Fixed-Action Patterns So a fixed-action pattern is an automatic response to a certain…
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Everyone’s an Expert

There is a major problem. As Trump would say “A YUUUUUGGE problem.” Everyone and their mother is an expert now at social media and digital marketing, even if they haven’t done any marketing before in their lives.  ‘They know what they’re talking about’ because they read a book or they listen to ‘so and so’…
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Year in Review

So every year on my birthday I like to do a little year in review, ya know… what happened in the past year type of thing to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. (doing it on New Years Day is way too cliché)   The past year has been pretty incredible to…
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MVMT Watches – Marketing Funnel

There are very few companies out there that I look at what they’re doing and think “Wow, these guys are good at digital.” But MVMT watches is one of those few companies. Why? To start with their website is ultra clean and user friendly; the kind of site that is effortless to navigate on both…
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‘Enough.’ Needing to change our focus – Food for Thought

In today’s world there is always a focus on more and ‘enough.’ We are so hyper focused on making sure we have more, making sure we have ‘enough.’ We need more likes on social posts We want more market share (not a bad thing) We demand more quick wins And to see them at rest,…
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